Website, Schedule, and Stream Updates

Over the past weekend, after the surprise extended cast on Saturday, October 24, Catreina started working on some scheduling updates and additional work on the website. The website updates coincide with what she had spoken about on stream – modification of archive pages to the style of the site as a whole. Archives still need some more updates, so that going to the “Sandwiches” category does not leave one lost, given that it is not presently shown that it is the “Sub Roll” series category. Every categorical archive requires this update. Additionally, the two “This Game …” series have been removed in favor of a second full day for “The Challenger” on Mondays.

One main point concerning the schedule is that the first 24 hour marathon was close, but did not hit the 24 hour mark. As previously posted, insomnia has been a demon for Catreina recently, with the first marathon being affected as well. After the 19th hour, Catreina apologized for not being able to make it further, and ending the cast prematurely. She had three or four hours of sleep prior to starting the marathon, and although she took three 30-minute breaks to catch a few minutes of rest and walk around, it was not enough. Preparation and planning for the next 24-hour marathon should help alleviate this, unless the insomnia issue rears its ugly head once again.

There are other back-end updates being attended to, however the main bulk is presently creating content for the website daily after every series episode, or at the very least, on the Sunday following. This will help to keep you, Catreina’s viewers, engaged through comments and interaction with Catreina outside the stream and schedule.

YouTube Videos

Catreina’s latest YouTube videos are still the first 3 deaths from the current Mass Effect challenge run. There is a backlog of video that has to be edited and clipped up for posting to Catreina’s YouTube channel, which should be worked on during the coming week. With this in mind, there have been changes to the schedule that should allow some extra time for video editing in the near future, and more focus on “The Challenger” series long-term.

Top priority is clipping up video for “The Challenger”, “Going Retro“, and “The Gifted Ones” series, as these main series have some really awesome content from Dead Space, Dead Space 2, The Legend of Zelda, and Mass Effect. With changes to the schedule going into effect on Monday, some of the early portions of the newly expanded The Challenger episode will be some explanation and discussion of this process prior to the start of Monday’s episode.

Subscribers and Landmark Goals

The final point to be addressed with Catreina TV Subscriber Icon this post is Subscriber goals and landmarks. Catreina has said multiple times that there will be a point where a subscriber goal and landmark page will be on the website. The first of these goals was hitting 20 subscribers, at which point the Minecraft server that was once available will make a return. Currently, the subscriber count is at 19. The list shows 21, however one is from when Catreina had a subscriber button back in 2012, and one is Catreina herself. She has stated that neither of these count for the reason that Catreina does not actually subscriber to her own channel, and the older subscriber should have been scrubbed when she lost her button. With that, the list is at 19 subscribers.

Once the count gets to 20 after the restrictions noted, the Minecraft server will begin to be reintroduced. Pages will be created, specifics developed, and data restored. Within two months following the subscriber goal being reached the server will go live once again, and some more schedule changes will be in order to allow for Minecraft play and stream time. There will also be a creation for the next few subscriber landmark goals, and the rewards to be provided to viewrs of the cast as a result.

The Result (or TL;DR)

There will continue to be updates to the website, a focus on streaming quality content and an effort to get that content posted to Catreina’s website and YouTube channel, and transparency regarding subscriber counts and rewards for the community surrounding Catreina for such. You are all, as always, very much appreciated.

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