It is time to rebuild

Almost 6 years ago, in January of 2010, Catreina built the computer she is using today, with two changes since. An upgrade of the ram to 12 GB from 4GB, and a swapped video card from a Radeon 5870 to an nVidia GTX 570. The reasons for these two changes were due to FPS and memory issues in some of the games she was playing, and not done due to any animosity with AMD, but now the time has come for a computer upgrade.

In the past year or so, the computer has finally started to really show its age: games are required to be on lower settings just to get by, and stream quality has been suffering. With an overclocked first generation i7 920 CPU leading the charge at 3.8 GHz (stock is 2.67 GHz), the build that cost $1900 to get set up has done work in the past 6 years. However, newer games like Fallout 4 and Star Wars: Battlefront have begun taxing the machine. To get back to providing extreme quality, computer upgrades are needed.

Cost, Quality, and Performance

The new build will not be top-end

Back when Catreina built this computer, a majority of the parts were just shy of “enthusiast” level. There was no SSD, as they were too expensive at the time, and the top end GPU was well over $1,200. However, a Radeon 5870 was the best bang-for-buck card, and the i7-920 was (and still is) a great value. Now, this same computer would cost between $800 and $1,000 to build, but has a great many parts that could be upgraded – so Catreina will be doing just that.

These upgrades will focus on keeping costs low and garnering higher performance, while at the same time providing the best stream and video quality available (at 1080p, 1440 is unnecessary at this time). The idea is to get the best bang-for-buck once again, while not breaking the bank.

The current plan

At this moment, Catreina is seriously considering a Radeon R9 380x for a new video card, as the price jump to an R9 390 is about $100 for a 15-20% performance increase. It is worth it to get the 390, or even the 390x, but the price increases are just too high. At $229 for a 380x, this seems perfect for the next 3-5 years.

As for motherboard, CPU, ram, etc, the plan is to upgrade to an X97 mobo with an i7-4790k. Again, the bang-for-buck seems to be the best around this processor, and though a higher end chip could be a better buy, the cost breakpoints are out of range. This motherboard and processor combination will require a new RAM set, and likely a new case and HDDs. With this in mind, an “upgrade package” from is likely the best option.

Once these upgrades are ordered and received, the Computer Information page will be updated with the new specs. As always, if you have any suggestions on upgrades or ideas for how to proceed, leave a message, email, etc!

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