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If you did not already notice, Wednesday, October 28, Catreina did not broadcast. She needed a time out, so on Tuesday she decided to cast all day and night, ending at just after midnight, and explained that there was a bit of a backlog in her schoolwork and streaming content that she needed to get to. Schoolwork comes before everything, and should there be a time when schoolwork suffers, it will become a priority instantly. Because of this, a time out needed to be taken and schoolwork focused on.

Along with said schoolwork, Catreina currently has about 150 gigs of video to parse and edit for YouTube and the stream proper. This is the backlog that Catreina was speaking of earlier in the week, and has still been unable to focus on because of the streaming schedule. This will be worked on for the rest of Wednesday, and some of it will be streamed. The purpose of this is to make absolutely sure that content is being pushed to YouTube for archival and highlighting purposes. Full content of each stream is a possibility, though Catreina does not believe there will be full video archives posted to YouTube in this manner – clips are a much better alternative, though this path is much more time consuming.

YouTube Videos

As stated, YouTube videos are still behind, and Catreina wants to fix that. Wednesday, after the schoolwork is completed, Catreina plans to stream and push out some YouTube content. She will also explain what is going on with the videos, archives, clips, and what not to those who wish to know. The original blind run of Dead Space is to be downloaded from Twitch, so that it can then be edited and uploaded to YouTube, before Twitch deletes it from the archives forever. This is required because Catreina did not start recording video locally until the official restart of the stream on October 19th.

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