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    Website Updated, Schedule Live

    The website is updated, schedule is live, streaming is set to be focused on, and more work is to be done. CatreinaTV is set to relaunch, with a focus on community interaction, entertaining streams and gaming, and a set schedule so that viewers know what to expect. To do this, Catreina spent all day Sunday working on the website and schedule, getting things set for the coming week. The first official week of the relaunch of CatreinaTV, and the day before has been a long one. There is still quite a bit of work to complete: creating pages, posting YouTube videos, and more Full Post

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    Gaming With Catreina

    CatreinaTV, from 2009 to about 2013, was known as “Gaming With Catreina,” had a set schedule for gameplay, and focused on three key aspects for entertaining viewers. A lot had changed from 2011 – League of Legends became Catreina’s go-to game, the focus on fun games and viewer engagement was lost, and a schedule was unheard of. The joy of streaming, it seemed, had been lost to the void. The idea when Catreina first started casting was to provide interesting and engaging content to anyone who wanted to watch. The idea lives on. Given enough time, we all rise. Full Post

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