Though It Ended Early

The first official stream of the relaunch has come and gone, and with it, a successful continuation of the Mass Effect Dead is Dead challenge run! There was a slight bug during the run, involving the Mako however. It was stated at the start of the challenge that bugs and glitches would not cause a reset, and there will be an update to this post once Catreina gets the YouTube video clip of the non-resetting death posted.

The relaunch was fun, though it was expected because of last weeks preparation. It did end a bit early due to a college requirement for the grants Catreina receives: STEM – Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. A meeting at 1PM PDT was confirmed at 12:30, which forced the stream to cut short early. The timing was excellent however, as Catreina had just finished the Luna base mission, gaining access to the Shock Trooper. There could not have been a better time for the stream to end unannounced.

Scheduling The Next Broadcast

How the schedule works

The schedule was completed and finalized a week ago, and uploaded a few days ago. The way things work with those episodes that will not be changing is this: Catreina will make an announcement at the end of each stream regarding the next day and what to expect, as well as a post on Sundays for the coming week (this week is an exception). For example, this week, Going Retro will be The Legend of Zelda, The Gifted Ones will continue the Dead Space 2 playthrough, and episodes of The Challenger will be the Mass Effect Dead is Dead challenge run.

For those series that are up in the air (This Game Rocks/Sucks, Kickstart This, and Random Acts of Gaming), talk will begin on the Sunday before the week starts, and then the day before the episode will be some talk concerning how to proceed. For example, during Random Acts of Gaming on Wednesday this week, Catreina will ask on about what the viewers in channel would like to see happen for it on Tuesday at the end of The Challenger, and again at the start of the episode on Wednesday.

The Future

No more unknowns

Lastly, this relaunch is not just for the website, or the stream. The relaunch is more for everything regarding Catreina. More interaction, more community involvement, more benefits for the loyal fans, the donators, the subscribers. More thanks to those who made a desire in 2009 become a reality in 2012, only to be shut out. This is you – this is your stream, not just Catreina’s. This is a relaunch of your entertainment value, and you should have a say in it. You will.

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