The Gifted Ones

Playing Gifted and Donated Games

The Gifted Ones is a series dedicated to the random, weird, sometimes awesome and outright strange games that have been gifted or donated to Catreina. Many of these games she has never played. This leads to blind playthroughs in Catreinas hardest available difficulty play-style. The Gifted Ones as a series is meant to provide some comic relief, introduce Catreina to different games she may never have considered, or just laugh at. There are some really good games that have been donated, and some really bad ones as well.

Many of these games have been on Catreinas games list since shortly after she started streaming. Many have never been played, while some only have cursory time invested. For example, The Elder Scrolls Game of the Year Pack was donated, via a monetary donation to purchase the game, in August of 2009, and the same for Dragon Age Origins in November of 2009. Both were played, but Morrowind and Oblivion have yet to be completed, both having about 40 game hours total over five or six restart attempts.

On the other hand, the Deus Ex Collection was donated in June of 2010, and has no play investment, and Dead Space was donated in May of 2011 – the first ever playthrough Catreina did of that game finished on October 10, 2015, with the first decent playtime invested at the start of that playthrough, on October 5, 2015. These are just a few examples of games that are in need of some stream time.

What Games are Eligible?

While there is no current list of games that have been donated, there are plans to create one. Once that list is created, it will be posted in place of this message, with the name of the person who donated as well as any information about when the game was last played, or is expected to be played. Please realize that this does not mean that a game will get the full playthrough treatment when it is featured in The Gifted Ones – being featured simply means that a game will get some dedicated playtime instead of being relegated to the back of the game pile.

Any new games donated that are not immediately on the playlist for one reason or another will be added to the eligible list for The Gifted Ones. This does not mean they will be played last, however. Any game in the list is available for play at any time, and will likely be voted on prior to being played.

The Gifted Ones Series on YouTube

The six most recent Gifted Ones video clips or episodes are available below for your convenience. New videos are posted to YouTube, and listed here, by the end of Sunday following the episode. To view any of the prior episodes of The Gifted Ones, visit The Gifted Ones Series on YouTube.


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