The Challenger

Making games harder than they need to be

Previously called “Challenge Runs,” The Challenger is a series where Catreina focuses on games with more demanding, harsh, and unforgiving rule sets applied, hence the name challenge runs. Dead is Dead, no save, no weapons, that kind of thing. In games that are already challenging, like Demon Souls, additional rules regarding the game try to make them near impossible to complete without a lot of skill, or luck, or both. These kind of rules can be applied to any game, whether they are single-player, multi-player, role playing or turn based.

Challenge Runs

What, exactly, is “The Challenger”?

The Challenger is a series based entirely on challenge runs. A ‘challenge run’ is a play-through of any game with additional rules applied. Some challenges are for fun, others are for fame. A challenge run is a game play-through that applies additional or alternative rules while playing the game. These rules can be just about anything, from never dying to never saving and more. Most of the time they incur a huge change in the basic gameplay, such as death requiring a save-scrub and restart from the beginning.

History – why challenge runs?

In March of 2013, a viewer of Catreina’s decided to suggest to her that, as an alternative to constantly playing League of Legends, she should attempt a full play-through of Skyrim as an unarmed Khajiit on the hardest setting available at the time – Master. This was the start of what is now the focus for Catreina’s gaming stream. 

The first challenge Catreina played on stream was the no-death Mass Effect 1 run on Hardcore (because she had not yet unlocked insanity). It took her a few attempts, but she eventually got through it and completed the game without dying. Since that play-through, the unarmed Khajiit has been at the forefront of most of Catreina’s gaming sessions. In the future, more varied challenges will be attempted, and all of them will be broadcast live.

Some of Catreina’s ideas for challenge runs
  • Skyrim – Legendary, Use only what you find/buy, no smithing, and dead is dead (death is permanent)
  • Final Fantasy 7 – No Limit Breaks, No Materia, Kill All Weapons (rumored impossible)
  • Final Fantasy X – NSG IE NC – No Sphere Grid, Initial Equipment, No Customizing (rumored impossible) – Add Dead is Dead?
Suggest a challenge!

You can post suggestions and ideas for the next challenge below, in the comments section of the challenge request. You can email Catreina with your suggestions, message her on, tweet her, or just join the live twitch chat and suggest something as well!

The Challenger Series on YouTube

Here you can find the six most recent videos for The Challenger series. To see all of The Challenger Series’ videos, head over to The Challenger Series on YouTube.


Below you will find the most recent challenge run website post. You can also visit the archived list of prior challenges by heading over to the Challenge Runs Archive.

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    Ultimate Skyrim – Goals

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