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    Ultimate Skyrim Survival Introduction

    The Story A while back someone suggested a Skyrim survival setup for a challenge run, as Catreina had beaten vanilla Skyrim just after launch. The challenge run was interesting, but she never completed it, and has beaten herself up for it since. After playing some Fallout 4, and getting her new PC build as an early holiday gift from herself, Catreina decided a full-blown reinstall and reconfiguration of Skyrim was in order – you know, to make the game as amazing looking as possible while […] Full Post

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    Skyrim Mods In Use

    The Mods I Use In Skyrim The Mod Listing – Alphabetical List of Mods The image to the right is the mod listing – click on it to get a larger view. This is the full list of mods I have in use, as of April 17 2013, 5 AM. If I update my mods, I will post a new entry to the website here announcing such. The list of mods is in alphabetical order, and shows the version installed, the date I installed them, […] Full Post

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    Gaming Challenge #1 – Skyrim

    Legendary Khajiit Fisting The Unarmed Khajiit on Legendary Difficulty The challenge was presented to me in January or February of 2013 by a viewer, SigmanTV, as a way to get me into playing some games other than League of Legends. Having played through Skyrim on release and having virtually no issues with regard to difficulty, I was more than happy to oblige the original challenge – an unarmed Khajiit on Master. In early March, Steam had a beta release for the Legendary patch for Skyrim, […] Full Post

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