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Making Hogies Delicious Again

The Sub Roll is where subscribers to Catreina’s Twitch stream are given ability to play games with Catreina directly. Every Friday, from 6 PM – 2 AM Pacific, subscribers are randomly selected and offered the chance to play some games with Catreina on stream directly. There are no restrictions to the games that can be played, and very few restrictions to the modes that will be allowed. Each session is divided into 2-hour segments, to give as many subscribers the ability to play as possible. Each session can also have multiple subscribers involved, depending on the game selected.

Subscribers will be selected in-channel, during the first 10 minutes at the beginning of every 2 hour block. The first subscriber selected chooses the game, and if it is a game where > 2 players can co-op, more will be invited to the cap. This will be the default setup for all Sub Roll episodes.

Trolls and Vagabonds

There is absolutely no restriction to what games can be played, and this leaves trolling a viable option. Though most subscribers will not resort to trolling, it is expected and will, for the most part, not prevent a clip from being uploaded to YouTube. Yes – Catreina is saying you can actively troll her, and she will take it all in stride.

The Sub Roll Series on YouTube

Every episode of Sub Roll is available on YouTube in Catreina’s Sub Roll Series playlist. The six most recent Sub Roll videos are available below. To view all of the videos in the Sub Roll series, please visit the Sub Series on YouTube. Please note that some videos may be edited for content – racism and hate speech gets people banned in Catreina’s Twitch channel, subscribers or not.


All prior ‘Sub Roll’ episodes, informational posts, and highlights Catreina has provided and gathered can be located in the Sandwiches archives. The most recent entry’s excerpt is below, for your convenience.

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