New Card is a BEAST

As many of you know, Catreina recently purchased a new XFX R9 390 8GB GFX card R9 390 8GBcatreina tracking for the PC upgrade she is performing. This took the place of her GTX 570 HD 1GB card, which was being taxed at the highest levels in games like Skyrim and Fallout 4.

The new card is beastly! Even without any other upgrades, Catreina’s framerates in Fallout 4 went from 30 or so, at the lowest quality settings, to 60 virtually all the time at fully maxed out Ultra settings. The smoothness and clarity with the 390 is so beyond her expectations that she was seriously considering not upgrading any other part of her PC. She did some additional quick tests in Shadows of Mordor and Dragon Age: Inquisition, and the results are clear – this card is well worth the money, especially if you can get it for cheap from New Egg or Amazon!

One thing is to be said, however. From the explanations, investigation, and research Catreina did before deciding on the 390, the 390 is definitely the way to go. If you are looking to get the most out of your dollar, especially for 1440 resolution, do not go with the 390x. For 1080, you could stick with the 380x, for about a $100 cheaper price point, though the 390 benchmarks outclass the 380x by quite a bit. If you are simply looking to get the most out of your video card, a 390x may still be worth it, if you cannot go for a 295×2 or Titan X.

Post XFX R9 390 Upgrades

Next Up: MoBo, CPU, RAM

The next upgrade checkpoint will include the rest of the internal hardware, sans CPU cooler, System Drive, and optical drive. All items are being purchased as of November 29, 2015, and expected to be in-house by December 8, likely earlier. The list is already up on the PC Info page, complete with costs (after discounts, before rebates). Keep involved with Catreina’s live stream and this website for updates!

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