Catreina’s server, being hosted on Linode, found a security hole being taken advantage of on January 3. The issue was a stupid configuration of her mail server, whereby anyone on the local network could access and send authenticated (and DKIM-signed) emails. While dealing with the troubleshooting of this issue, and trying to find the cause, Catreina did a lovely mishap that every server administrator has done at least once in their administration careers: in the wrong directory, issuing an “rm -rf *” command. Bye bye email installation, and half of the not-backed-up content elsewhere on the server.

Dark Farusu Dark Farusu is dead

b. Aug 9, 2015 d. Jan 3, 2016

Catreina, just today – January 7, 2016 @ 7:30 PM PST – finished rebuilding the server. She is still getting the final setup done for new SSL certificates, and should be back up and streaming shortly. However, this has put a severe dent in her plans. She will be gaming and coding, but it is unknown how this will be affected by recent events. In short, she is streaming this week again, but schedule is way up in the air.

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