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    Making an Arcade Cabinet

    Gaming is in Her Blood There has been a lot going on for Catreina as of late. Schooling, medical appointments, trying out new games, watching a lot of Twitch, and getting down and dirty with the Raspberry Pi 2. But there is one thing that she has always wanted to create, always wanted to have – a working arcade cabinet. She came close in Massachusetts, just before she started casting. A friend of hers happened to also be the owner of a vending distribution company, […] Full Post

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    VPS Server dun Goofed

    Catreina’s server, being hosted on Linode, found a security hole being taken advantage of on January 3. The issue was a stupid configuration of her mail server, whereby anyone on the local network could access and send authenticated (and DKIM-signed) emails. While dealing with the troubleshooting of this issue, and trying to find the cause, Catreina did a lovely mishap that every server administrator has done at least once in their administration careers: in the wrong directory, issuing an “rm -rf *” command. Bye bye […] Full Post

  • XFX R9 390

    XFX R9 390 Installed!

    The new XFX R9 390 is performing at or beyond expectations, and has been the cause of Catreina second-guessing further upgrade components. Fallout 4, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and Shadows of Mordor have all been run at ultra with no issues. There are further tests to be done, but at this time, the XFX R9 390 is one of the best buys Catreina has made in a very, very long time. Full Post

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    Insomnia is Annoying

    Insomnia has been taking hold of Catreina recently. Her sleep pattern is suffering, and the stream may wind up suffering for it in turn. Can she get things fixed before the first “marathon” 24 hour cast? She is concerned that she will not be able to, and the marathon will suffer for it. Plans are being made to try and brute force her way through, but will it be enough, and will she stay healthy? Full Post

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