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Kickstart This is a series where Catreina finds upcoming or newly launched Kickstarter campaigns and essentially geeks out over them. There are a great many Kickstarter based games out there, that many people may not know about or hear about before the Kickstarter campaign is over. This series aims to help promote some of the games in Kickstarter that Catreina either has, will, or wants to help fund because of their appeal.

The series began with Catreina trying to figure out what to do for the stream during a prior re-focus, on Saturdays. A few viewers started talking about Kickstarter while Catreina was trying to think of something to do or a game to play. She started thinking – Kickstarter is a great place for indie games, a GREAT place. Why not start doing promotion, reviews, and try to get some interviews with the people behind some of these Kickstarter games? It would be awesome if it works right, and it will be amazing for the viewers and Catreina. Thus, Kickstart This was born.

Episodal Reviews

Every episode will feature one or two Kickstarter games. They can be just starting their campaigns, in process, or even a recently ended Kickstarter with a further public funding session. Some examples are Star Citizen and BattleTech. Every week Catreina will browse through Kickstarter for a short time, explaining the games she is looking for or at. If there was a game she researched on Sunday, that will be brought up.

If you have suggestions for developers or games I might be able to contact and highlight on my stream, email me!

Kickstart This Series on YouTube

Every episode of Kickstart This is available on YouTube in Catreina’s Kickstart This Series playlist. The six most recent Kickstart This videos are available below. To view all of the videos in the Kickstart This series, please visit the Kickstart This Series on YouTube.


All prior ‘Kickstart This’ episodes, informational posts, and highlights Catreina has provided and gathered can be located in the Kickstart This archives. The most recent entry’s excerpt is below, for your convenience.

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