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Nostalgia for the old-school lover

Some people love the nostalgia that retro games provide. As one might imagine, ‘Going Retro’ is an old-school themed series, focusing on games that are considered “retro” by current standards. To be specific, any game that was released on the PlayStation 2 (and its competitors) or earlier qualifies as a retro game for Catreina, and is thus eligible for play during ‘Going Retro’ episodes. This brings a great many games into the realm of potential play for this series, from the truly original games like Pong to some of the most recent “Retro” games, such as Halo. Most of the time, however, Catreina will be playing Sega Master System, Genesis, or Nintendo NES/SNES games or older.

The first of these games was The Legend of Zelda, and played blind at that! Catreina had never played Zelda prior to starting the run on stream, and only watched a few other people play the game before. This lack of knowledge for the game, as well as the focus on not spoiling any surprises or extra gameplay lead her to decide that Zelda would make a great first choice game to launch the series with.

Blind Runs

Everyone has played Zelda, or Final Fantasy 3, or Phantasy Star, right? Nope. While Catreina has a slew of Sega games under her belt, including the Phantasy Star games, she never played any Zelda game, nor any Final Fantasy game prior to 7. These games will make for some really interesting first-time blind runs, and should be awesome to watch. Catreina could even rage some at a few of the possible games that are eligible for play!

Going Retro is a series for the most loyal of gamers – those who truly love and respect current gaming’s roots. We all love Mass Effect, but we would likely not have a game of that caliber if not for Final Fantasy and Phantasy Star. Going back to the classics that started it all, from Pac-Man to NBA Jams, Donkey-Kong to Mortal Kombat, we are reminded just how awesome games were in the 1980’s and 1990’s, the arcades, and the first generation consoles. We are brought back to our childhood, no matter how long ago that may have been.

Going Retro Series on YouTube

All prior episodes of the Going Retro series are available on the Going Retro Series on YouTube, uploaded by the Sunday following the latest episode, and usually by the beginning of the following day. Below are the six most recent videos available for your viewing pleasure.


All ‘Going Retro’ episodes and clips, blind runs and boss fights are available in the Retro Gaming Archives. An excerpt of the most recent post is below for your review.

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