The Minecraft Server

So, about the minecraft server that I have been talking about.

As some of you know, I am working on putting a minecraft server (back) up for use. The old one, on 1.6.4, is still safely saved to disk, though it will not have the old ‘world’ map back up for use. Here are some of the specifics regarding this server:

  • All donations that were received prior to the 1.6.4 server going down will still be honored.
  • The ‘Algol’ map, which is my still-in-progress Phantasy Star 1 recreation, will be re-activated.
  • The ‘Pixel Art’ map will be back up – hopefully with some more pixel art to be placed
  • The new setup for the server will be an implementation for RPG style play.
    • Customized mobs, items, enchantments, skills, races, classes, and quests.
    • Custom created world map with randomly generated dungeons – 32,768 sq blocks – accessible via ranks
    • All ranks able to access the map, not all will be able to survive.
  • A ‘home’ world, where players can create their own houses, rent or own land, etc
    • Separate and distinct from adventure world
    • Access requires drops, items, and Mina or Drachma (in-game currency, 1 Minae == 100 Drachma) from the Adventure world.
  • Also, there will be server market, though it will only have items in-stock that players have sold to the server. Absolutely nothing will be acquirable from the market, unless a player acquired and then it first.

    This means no infinite items/etc from the market. The players will ultimately shape the economy. Additionally, players will have the ability to create their own shops, which can adhere to server pricing for items, or provide their own pricing structure, should a player decide to forego the server market.

    The Lobby houses the ‘Tutorial’ areas – for players to learn about and acclimate to the races, classes, skills, and rules of the server – and the warps to the main world hubs – Home, Adventure, and Pixels (these names are not final, and will be changed).

    So, there is a lot going on. I am almost done creating the 32k^2 world in WorldMachine, but there is still WorldPainter, and then MCDungeon it has to go through (for the random dungeons). I am also on the lookout for ideas and help with lore, items, mobs, quests, races, classes, skill, and abilities. If you want to help, shoot me an email, get a hold of me in my twitch stream chat, or contact me via facebook. I -want- this to be a server for you guys, and would love some input from you guys about it.

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