The Story

A while back someone suggested a Skyrim survival setup for a challenge run, as Catreina had beaten vanilla Skyrim just after launch. The challenge run was interesting, but she never completed it, and has beaten herself up for it since.

After playing some Fallout 4, and getting her new PC build as an early holiday gift from herself, Catreina decided a full-blown reinstall and reconfiguration of Skyrim was in order – you know, to make the game as amazing looking as possible while still being playable. There was also a desire to make the game more immersive, realistic, and difficult. Catreina had attempted this in the past, but nothing was ever announced for it, nor was it followed on her website, facebook, or twitter accounts. Catreina made a decision to change all of those prior issues, and keep people updated on her progress throughout.

The Setup

The desire was, again, to make the game more immersive, realistic, and difficult. With the new R9 390 GPU and i7-4790K CPU, there was a lot of room for improvement over her prior GTX 570 + i7-920, so it was decided to go with 2k or 4k+2k texture packs wherever possible. Also, a decision was necessary concerning installation procedures and process, as Catreina is not well-versed in these areas with regards to The Elder Scrolls series.

In this series of posts, Catreina will explain the basics she was going for with the installs, why she chose certain mods over others, and what the effects of these mods have on gameplay. The series will focus first on the basics that most everyone should use before modding Skyrim outright, followed by the specifics to get the results desired. Finally, tweaking and optimization of the final product will be expounded upon, with additional information provided and suggestions discussed.

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