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Ultimate Skyrim is the name Catreina applies to the overall group of mod packages she has installed. You can read about the installation process, just see the mod and plugin list, or visit the Dovahkiin Monument, where all past and present characters and their statuses are listed.

Dead is (Almost) Dead

When Dying is a Journey

During the setup of Catreina’s “Ultimate Skyrim” package, it was an intriguing question: attempt a ‘dead is dead’ playthrough? ‘Dead is dead’ is a play-style where the character in the game has a single attempt, and dying in the game results in a wipe of the character; all saves and progress are reset to the beginning. In determining an “Almost Dead is Dead” play style, Catreina needed to balance the requirements of character creation with desire to play, and the wishes of the viewers. People don’t want to watch a character being created over and over, and they certainly do not wish to watch the setup more than the gameplay itself.

With the mod listing and setup being as it is, Catreina was curious about attempting this style of play, and posited the question to her viewers: Dead is dead or not? The response was an intriguing one that ultimately led to the rules in place below. The build for this setup gets created with Scenario Generator (current build is linked above), and though not required, is a big part of the challenge for the game. With Alternate Start lending to very interesting starting locations, and Requiem de-leveling the game world, one could start shipwrecked with no items and in an area simply too difficult to fight out of. Combining this with, for example, a character that is required to use Destruction magic or two-handed battle axes only, the beginning of the game becomes extremely deadly.

The Rules

What follows is the rule-set that was determined through discussion with viewers and decided on with fairness and difficulty in mind. As noted above, a balance had to be struck. With this in mind, the following set of rules is malleable, though it should be fairly well set.

  • 5 lives per attempt
  • game death results in loss of attempt
  • can pay one attempt to restart from prison at any time
  • can gain 5 attempts by completing main quests: Skyrim, Dawnguard, Dragonborn
  • can gain 3 attempts by killing a dragon (including ‘assault’ dragons)
  • can gain one attempt by manually discovering main town (using carriages et. al. disqualifies the town)
  • No glitching / obvious bug use (infinite coal etc.)
  • Mod configuration must be completed in prison
  • Horses carry weight is 700
  • Timescale is set to 10, FOV is set to 70.59
  • No Followers unless quest forced (must progress quest)
  • If last attempt is lost, entire Mod Organizer profile is deleted

Attempts are not added until combat free Combat free is when the character is fully out of combat for 5 game minutes, about 30 seconds.

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