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Continuity in stream variety is one of the weak points for Catreina. It is difficult at times to get different games onto the stream, as Catreina has the desire to sit on one game for unspecified lengths of time. The Cat’s Call series allows Catreina some variety in the things that are done on stream – from programming, to random gaming, to just talking and interaction, Cat’s Call can be anything at any time.

The series runs from 2 AM until 6 AM on Fridays, during the Friday 24 Hour Marathon.

Blind Runs

jensDemiAllowing for a bit of variety does not mean Cat’s Call precludes normal gaming. If Catreina feels particularly motivated, The Challenger -may- continue during this series – when this kind of overlap occurs, the primary YouTube playlist will be for The Challenger, or other series involved (Going Retro for example). The episodes for Cat’s Call will be uploaded to the YouTube Cat’s Call playlist directly when other playlists do not take priority.

The time Catreina invests in games is staggering. When she gets into a game, she really gets into it. This can be evidenced with her playtime in many of the games she has played in the past, mostly when she first starts playing a game. Take, for example, Skyrim – on launch Catreina was playing the game on the hardest difficulty and spend three straight weeks at 12-14 hours per day in the game. Currently, Skyrim holds the third-most playtime from Catreina’s streamed games (471 hours, ~20 days), with World of Warcraft (~1.5 years) and League of Legends (2+ years) the only games having more (both are guesses).

Many games that have been featured are in the range of days of playtime, not hours. Each of the Mass Effect games is over 200 hours of playtime. Diablo 3 time is unknown, but must be over 200 hours based on current playtime of living and archived hardcore characters. Starcraft 2 is also unknown (and to the chagrin of some long-time viewers, currently unplayed), but including the beta, has quite a bit of playtime as well.

This shows that Catreina has no trouble focusing on a game, but does have some issues moving to a different game when she is already engrossed in the play of another. Cat’s Call will be a playground of variety and randomness that Catreina has not experienced in a very long time.

Cat’s Call Series on YouTube

All prior episodes of the Cat’s Call series are available on the Cat’s Call Series on YouTube, uploaded by the Sunday following the latest episode, and usually by the beginning of the following day; pre-listed exceptions notwithstanding. Below are the six most recent videos available for your viewing pleasure.


All “Cat’s Call” episodes and clips, posts, news, and updates are available in the Cat’s Call Archives. An excerpt of the most recent post is below for your review.

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