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Who is Catreina?

Jennifer “Catreina” Snow is an avid gamer and an aspiring student. Beginning her gaming on the Atari 2600 at the tender age of six and now 40, Catreina has played many games in her life. She is considered a gaming veteran, but not in any way a professional, though she does play in a manner similar to most hardcore or pro gamers.

Catreina is happily married to a wonderful woman, with whom she has been together for nearing 20 years, and expects to be so for the next 70. They recently moved to California together with their children you can sometimes hear them joking or even trolling Catreina on stream (like in this clip). Her family is very trollolol when necessary.

If you stick around long enough, you will eventually come to know that Catreina is also transgender. She is MtF and identifies as gender-fluid, which means that she presents however she feels like presenting on any given day. Rudeness coming from that fact is dealt with quickly via a permanent ban. Be respectful to her and the channel and be treated in kind.

How long has Catreina been streaming?

Back in April of 2009, Catreina was playing World of Warcraft heavily, and was looking for an end-game guild that had the capacity to continue pushing content. The guild that she found and decided to start the application process to was on Turalyon, called Fusion. The guild had one caveat – they desired people who had a little more, something beyond the game that they could provide. At the time, there were four people that were casting on Justin.tv – and so, Catreina set out to see exactly what Justin.tv was, and how she could use this to her advantage when she eventually decided to apply.

Well, Catreina never applied to Fusion, but she did start casting, and being one of the first gaming casters around, as well as “the best quality stream” at the time gave her motivation to continue casting everything she played. This was originally just World of Warcraft, but she started playing other games, and people started watching – a lot of people.

At the time, in 2009 having 100 or 200 viewers was amazing. Only a few broadcasters on Justin.tv (because Twitch did not yet exist) would get even close to that amount. The two that immediately come to mind are Four Player Podcast and Swiftor, both of whom had communities prior to streaming. Catreina was one of the other high-profile casters, with an average of 400+ viewers for daily WoW raiding, and sometimes hitting 600 or more. This simply solidified her desires for providing entertainment to her viewers – even if it was mainly because of her really humorous rage sessions.

Since that time, a lot has occurred. Justin.tv has come and gone, morphed into the hugely successful Twitch. Catreina has had peaks and valleys, time away, and come back. Now she spends most of her streaming trying to entertain the viewers with hard content played blind, challenge runs, and interactivity. Gone are the days of rage and anger at anything and everything for absolutely no reason… though there are fond remembrances of days gone by, the likes of which shall live on in internet histories.

What games does Catreina play and stream?

If Catreina is playing a game, there is a very high chance (99.9%) that she will be casting it live. The games she has played in the past include World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings Online, Eve Online, Guild Wars 1 & 2, Diablo 3, and Starcraft 2, the Mass Effect, Alan Wake, The Witcher 2, and more. Currently, Catreina focuses on challenge-based runs, such as a dead is dead ruleset in Mass Effect or Skyrim. Challenge runs, games with viewers and subs, and retro gaming are just part of the plans she has for gaming and the stream, all on a public schedule.

Where can I find Catreina’s streaming schedule

Catreina’s casting schedule can be located here, and is a living document. Updates will be made to the schedule as far in advance as possible, though late-time modifications may happen. Today’s schedule is always available on the main page in the right sidebar, in Pacific time. As of the most recent update to this page, Catreina streams Monday – Thursday, 4 AM – 2 PM, Friday 2 AM – Saturday 2 AM, and Saturdays from Noon until 6 PM. Sundays are off days, but a stream can occur to explain the coming weeks events or get input from the community for upcoming challenges and games.

Where can I find Catreina’s PC specs?

The PC Catreina uses is nearing six years old, and the components and build are listed here. This page also includes her internet connection and quality test results, as well as direct links to the parts if you desire them for yourself. An updated computer is definitely a plan for the future, sooner rather than later. A post will go up when this happens, and the computer specification page will be updated with the new build at that time.

What Streaming software do you use?

In 2009, streaming software was basic, bloated, and difficult to configure for an optimal streaming experience. At that time, Catreina used Flash Media Encoder or Flash Media Live Encoder along with the screen capturing driver VHScrCap. These two tools allowed her to stream her desktop at what was then full quality 1280×800 (remember, 2009), and look amazing while doing so. She even had a few tutorials on how to tweak and optimize the stream for the best quality, which were used by many who are now high-profile casters, such as Dan’s Gaming.

Currently, Catreina uses OBS – Open Broadcast Software, a very low-overhead highly configurable streaming application. In 2012, XSplit was used, and even purchased. However, it became severely bloated and the expense, a yearly license, was not worth overlooking the free and powerful OBS. OBS is amazing in every way – free, as powerful as XSplit, and it uses WAY less resources than any other streaming software available as of this writing.

Does Catreina have a website, facebook, twitter, etc?

Catreina has a Facebook Page, a Twitter (@Catreina), a Google+ Page, and a Youtube Channel, and you can also visit her Steam Profile in addition to her website and Twitch channel.

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