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    Making an Arcade Cabinet

    Gaming is in Her Blood There has been a lot going on for Catreina as of late. Schooling, medical appointments, trying out new games, watching a lot of Twitch, and getting down and dirty with the Raspberry Pi 2. But there is one thing that she has always wanted to create, always wanted to have – a working arcade cabinet. She came close in Massachusetts, just before she started casting. A friend of hers happened to also be the owner of a vending distribution company, […] Full Post

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    Minecraft Server to Return

    An RPG style minecraft server is being developed, to replace the server from 1.6.4 – Custom lore, races, classes, skills, abilities, mobs, items, maps, dungeons, and more. 32,768 x 32,768 block world for adventuring, 16,384 x 16,384 block world for building, housing, mining, and ownership, and so much more. Full Post

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    Ultimate Skyrim – Goals

    One of the first things Catreina wanted to make sure was a part of the modded Skyrim set was that it was realistic and immersive. In no way would any human being be able to survive while swimming naked in a blizzard, so why should the player? And who can stay awake fighting, running, jumping, and swimming for 9001 hours? Full Post

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    Skyrim – Dead is Almost Dead

    Ultimate Skyrim Ultimate Skyrim is the name Catreina applies to the overall group of mod packages she has installed. You can read about the installation process, just see the mod and plugin list, or visit the Dovahkiin Monument, where all past and present characters and their statuses are listed. Dead is (Almost) Dead When Dying is a Journey During the setup of Catreina’s “Ultimate Skyrim” package, it was an intriguing question: attempt a ‘dead is dead’ playthrough? ‘Dead is dead’ is a play-style where the […] Full Post

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    Ultimate Skyrim Survival Introduction

    The Story A while back someone suggested a Skyrim survival setup for a challenge run, as Catreina had beaten vanilla Skyrim just after launch. The challenge run was interesting, but she never completed it, and has beaten herself up for it since. After playing some Fallout 4, and getting her new PC build as an early holiday gift from herself, Catreina decided a full-blown reinstall and reconfiguration of Skyrim was in order – you know, to make the game as amazing looking as possible while […] Full Post

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    New PC Build And Overclocking

    Disassemble & Clean As you all know, Catreina purchased components for the new pc build during the week of Thanksgiving in the US. She received the components and proceeded to rebuild the 6 year-old gaming PC with the new parts through December 2nd and 3rd. The case was really dusty and all the fans needed massive cleaning, but that was not the bulk of the time required. The radiator fins on the CPU heat-sink, a Noctua NH-D14 installed in a bottom-to-top airflow orientation, were totally […] Full Post

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