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Moving Forward

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Website updates, changes, re-focus? An Unknown Future… I am still getting traffic to the website (on which I promised I would have 2 posts/updates a week back when I launched it) all things considered. The lack of content updates, and the lack of streaming whilst moving have slowed visits down a bit, however. This brings me to the future – I have no clue if I will go back to streaming like I used to. At one time I loved streaming games – nowadays it seems people just want to watch pros, or go to […]

Mass Effect Series 100% Insanity Dead is Dead

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100% Insanity Viewers selected Sentinel, Level 1 Start The viewers were given some choices – do I restart the Mass Effect series challenge, or move on. They said, resoundingly, to keep going with Mass Effect, and to change the class I was playing. So instead of the original Infiltrator (which was fairly safe and easy in ME2, really), they decided I would re-start with a Sentinel, through all 3 games (given that I survive). Lets do it! Fully clearing all owned DLC in every game All DLC owned in every game will be played, all […]

The Sage Grimalkin – ep. 1

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DRM, Always Online, Indie Gaming The effects of DRM on Gaming Diving into the effects of DRM, Always Online Gaming, Indie Gaming and more in this inaugural episode of The Sage Grimalkin. Catreina, jsauce, and Kibbles talk about the effects of DRM on gaming, and how companies like CD Projekt Red have been successful with absolutely no DRM (and why). The episode is three hours long, and being the first ever podcast we have done, could use a ton of work (not to mention post-editing). If you have any suggestions or comments, etc, feel free […]

Gaming Challenge #2 – Taking Suggestions

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The Next Challenge What Will My Next Challenge Run Be? When the Skyrim Challenge is completed, I will be doing a new challenge run. The game, the challenge, the rules, and the specifics are all to be determined, and I will be taking suggestions from now until the end of the Skyrim Challenge. If you have a game you would like to see me play through in a challenge type setting, please comment, tweet, email, or message me on twitch with the specifics. I will be providing the results on this post as we start […]
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